Far From You by Tess Sharpe

10 Apr


When Sophie is 14 she’s in a serious car accident.  Because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt she received life threatening injuries.  She survived the accident but with her survival came scars, a limp and an Oxy addiction.  Her best friend, Mina, was with her, encouraging her, cheering for her, every step of the way.

Three years later Mina and Sophie are on their way to a friend’s house when Mina makes a detour.  The detour leaves Sophie unconscious and Mina dead.  Their families and the police believe it was a drug deal gone bad – Sophie was using again.  No one will believe her when she tells them that’s not true.  So she goes back to rehab, a more restrictive environment this time.  Sophie has no choice but to play along until she can get released.

Once released Sophie realizes that she has no one that she can count on or trust.  Her family doesn’t believe her.  Mina’s family doesn’t either.  She’s on her own to prove what really happened to Mina that night.  In the process she learns to trust herself.

As for the secret the girls share, I think it was unnecessary. It’s OK for girls to be really close friends without there being a secret that binds them together.  That’s the only part of the book I didn’t like.  But if you can get around that, and I did, it is very enjoyable.  I liked the suspense and the realistic development of Sophie.

I would not recommend this for pre-high school age students.  In fact, I’d even suggest that only those high school kids who are mature read it.

I received a free e-copy of this book from www.netgalley.com but this did not influence my opinion.

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